Our story

Drawing on WorldWeave founder and designer Piero Gesualdi’s architectural and fashion industry origins – their latest rug collection demonstrates the beauty found in diversity. With over 40 years in the business – Piero’s honed instinct for structure and geometry – colour and texture – provide the elements in building this thoughtful and exciting collection of rugs.

WorldWeave pride themselves on providing a wide selection of designs – offering the consumer the opportunity to find the perfect rug for them.

WorldWeave signature floor dressing collections are designed in Melbourne and woven in India. Utilising a combination of modern technologies and artisan hand skills, WorldWeave takes its inspiration from ancient sensibilities and techniques. It exaggerates, collages and re invents new ways of working with traditional and modern skills.
Ethical Production

Eco friendly approach to production

At WorldWeave it is our priority to create products in natural fibres – made with hand skills which do not pollute or harm people or the environment. We work with makers and businesses who operate transparently, who pay fair wages and offer good working conditions. We use only natural and non toxic dyes and non polluting techniques. We value the earth and its resources and hope that by working with traditional artisan skills in natural, sustainable fibres that we are assisting to keep these traditions alive and thriving, creating employment for artisans and maintaining traditions in the modern world.