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WorldWeave products are ethically and sustainably designed and manufactured. 

Designed in Australia and manufactured in India, WorldWeave products use the skills and techniques of traditional artisans to handweave, loom or spin WorldWeave rugs. By using low- technology methods, we can ensure that communities remain active in the development of products that sustain their traditional homelands. To safe guard these practices we only work with makers who operate transparently and pay fair wages and offer good working conditions to their staff. 

At WorldWeave we see it as our priority to create products that do not harm the environment- we use natural dyes, organic fleece washes and sustainable fibres. We see the environment as our legacy and serve to protect it.


Rug Fibres

Jute- 100% renewable and sustainable with a low impact on the environment

Wool- naturally clipped from sheep in India

Camel Hair- brushed from the camel and treated in organic herbal wash

Cotton- used mostly as a blend with our wools and farmed sustainably

Recycled Fabrics- denim and cotton cloth is cut up and sewn back together to give the fabric a second life (and being a home interiors product, they are built to last)